Galaxy can't build 1.4.2

I got an error after trying to deploy an upgraded 1.4.2 app to Galaxy. Anyone else seeing this?

I had a similar error this weekend, it was related to momentjs installed via atmosphere/meteor package and a module contained inside moment related to phantomjs. There is a issue on github related, I was able to resolve my removing momentjs meteor package and switching to moment installed via npm. The github issue mentioned a pinned version of the meteor package also as a fix.

Switching it out fixed it right away for me, hopefully for you also!?


In particular, if you’re using momentjs, please use 2.15.1 instead of 2.15.2 as a workaround, or (better yet) install moment from npm instead of via momentjs:moment; the link below explains the issue.

Downgrading from @2.15.2 to @2.15.1 (by editing .meteor/versions directly) did the trick for me.


Great! Cheers to Julio Martinez at galaxy support!

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