Galaxy custom routing

I’m building a mini-site hosting service. So a user would build their mini-site in my meteor app and it will be available at Trick is this site needs to be available from their custom domain and it needs to be automated. Does Galaxy support custom routing?

If I use digitalocean I could map all :domain requests to in Nginx and that would be that. The user would then just need to A name their domain to my Galaxy IP. How GitHub pages work.

Subdomains would also be fine, but I’m not going to deploy a separate app for each mini-site, that would be crazy expensive.

How do I map to with Galaxy?

so Galaxy support was pretty much useless.

I deployed my app and directed two domains to Galaxy and only the one that was listed in the Galaxy domain settings ended up being connected. totally makes sense.

As there doesn’t seem to be any API support yet, I’m pretty much going to have to stick with some other service…