Galaxy deployment at two separate ports

Hi All,

I am trying to deploy my meteor project in Galaxy. My scenario is like this:

There are two folders in my project, client and org. Client contains frontend code and org folder has all backend codes. Now to simplify the build process from single project structure, I want to deploy client code in one hostname at one port i.e. 80 and backend code in the same hostname at another port i.e. 81. Commands would look something like below.

cd client:
meteor deploy hostname --settings \settings.json --port=hostname:80

cd org:
meteor deploy hostname --settings \settings.json --port=hostname:81

When I try above commands at then one deployment at port 80 is getting overridden by the next deployment at port 81.
Can someone help in this regard that whether Galaxy supports such requirement of deploying at more than one different ports. Is there any alternate to do this apart from Galaxy.

Thanks in advance.

You can’t deploy multiple apps to a single galaxy container.

To do that, you need to setup your own droplet on digital ocean, using MUP you can deploy to the servers on different ports.

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