Galaxy Deployment - Build fails

When deploying a new version of my app to Galaxy by default the builds fail with attached logging. After retry limit is reached the deploy is canceled and marked as failed.

Attached some logs from Galaxy:

If however - during deployment and within the retry period - I resize the container size to a higher value (e.g. standard > double) it sometimes seems to pick up and the builds succeeds and deploys successfully. Running with meteor run --production does not produce any build issues so my assumption is there is something wrong on the Galaxy side.

Meteor version:
Meteor 1.8.1-issue-10516.0

I seem to consistently be able to make deployments succeed only if I change the container size from Galaxy settings right around the first failure. Very odd.

Hi Mark, we don’t have any change in our side, I’m pretty much sure this is the issue that is also affecting you

I believe they are going to fix this soon.

If you have any additional question let me know.