Galaxy Deployments Seem Faster

I have an app that has seven containers total and all the sudden Galaxy seems really snappy in restarting the containers with the new version once it’s been uploaded and built.

The upload still takes a few minutes but before the updating of all the containers afterward would also take many, many minutes. Sometimes twenty to thirty minutes. It seemed like before it may have been building your app for each container you had where as now it builds it once and then quickly launches additional containers from it. Something is way better as of this last deployment we just did. And we deploy a lot. Several times per week.

Is there any talk of Galaxy updates that have actually been released?

Great job MDG & Tiny.


I’ll have to test this soon. :laughing:

Anything you would like to reveal @filipenevola?


I’ve noticed the same thing. Mine used to timeout with the defaults and now are blazin’ :fire::fire::fire:


If nothing else it might be the upgrade to node 12 and other speed improvements that have been done in Meteor 1.9.

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My app is Meteor 1.8.1.

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The same is happening to me. My projects are in Meteor 1.8.1 and the deploys are much faster than before.

Probably the Galaxy servers got upgraded to latest Meteor/Node. Maybe also hardware upgrade, after all there should be some money flowing in from the recent acquisition.

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I guess I was right about new servers. Got an email that APM database was migrated.


I think it was only APM Old Kadira but nothing about general servers :slightly_smiling_face:

We got message about APM because there was downtime. When deploying new version of your app to Galaxy there is no downtime on your app, so I would say the same applies to Galaxy itself.