Galaxy DNS issue

We’re trying to use mailgun to send out emails to use mailgun we need to verify our domain by creating couple of “TXT” records.

As suggested in galaxy guide we set out our CNAME value to and deployed our app but now our emails are not going out. When we contacted mailgun support they responded by saying this

Thank you for contacting Mailgun support.

Your domain is missing an SPF record:

$ dig -t TXT +short

In fact, that value is CNAME, which redirects all DNS requests and therefore it’s not possible to know if you have a TXT record setup as the CNAME will always be evaluated first.

As such, there is nothing we can fix unfortunately as this is purely an issue that was created by a recent DNS issue on your side

Please let us know if you have any questions.

How can we solve this issue? Looks like there is no way to set up TXT records in galaxy.

How all the others solving this issue? or Is there any other alternative solutions for this?

Any Help Appreciated.


You have to set the TXT record up through your DNS provider, not through Galaxy. Mailgun has instructions outlining how to do this here (along with the specific steps needed for common DNS providers).

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As I mentioned in my post, mailgun is trying to read DNS, they find CNAME and forwarding their request to galaxy.

Quoting from their mail:

Right - because you have something misconfigured via your DNS. Here’s a screenshot showing both Galaxy and Mailgun working together (using as the DNS provider):

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