Galaxy down for anyone else? Error deploying application: Connection error (socket hang up)


I’m having some trouble deploying. Getting:

Error deploying application: Connection error (socket hang up)


I’ve been getting this intermittently over the past two days or so. Was thinking it may have been an issue with my wifi, but perhaps not?


I just did it from another location with better wifi and the files did get pushed successfully. So it is possibly your internet connection, although I guess it is also possible the servers went up between my last unsuccessful try and now.


Yeah, my data is definitely anecdotal, and I’ve only done one deployment that wasn’t from home over the past two days, which was successful.

Not sure who to ping about this, but @sashko – is there a verbose option for deployment? Or a list of possible values for result.errorMessage? Would be helpful for writing a script, I’m thinking?


I’m not sure - have you guys filed a support ticket?


@vigorwebsolutions did you work this out? I seem to be having similar issues… i start deploying and then it seems to just restarts the deployment process and rebuilding my application again.

I logged a support ticke #4300 t but no response in the last few hours.


Phew still waiting for support to give me something useful here… .still have some issues. I did manage to deploy a few times, but in general it does not work. My build times are now really long - eg 30 mins… it used to take a few mins.

I moved back, from Meteor to Meteor but that has not helped… really getting frustrated here, as I cannot deploy.

I did try add TIMEOUT_SCALE_FACTOR=10 to the deploy command, but it did not help.

@sashko if I had upgraded the project to and then reloaded a version, will it use to deploy… wondering if is being used for the deploy command and is causing the issues?

Also is there some way to get log/debug info from the deploy command, I coudl not see anything in the doco?
Any ideas welcome


I just started getting this again ? I have logged a support ticket. But they won’t get back till business hours

2016-11-27 08:47:20+11:00Error: socket hang up
2016-11-27 08:47:20+11:00 at TLSSocket.onHangUp (_tls_wrap.js:1054:19)
2016-11-27 08:47:20+11:00 at TLSSocket.g (events.js:260:16)
2016-11-27 08:47:20+11:00 at emitNone (events.js:72:20)
2016-11-27 08:47:20+11:00 at TLSSocket.emit (events.js:166:7)
2016-11-27 08:47:20+11:00 at endReadableNT (_stream_readable.js:923:12)
2016-11-27 08:47:20+11:00 at nextTickCallbackWith2Args (node.js:458:9)
2016-11-27 08:47:20+11:00 at process._tickDomainCallback (node.js:413:17)
2016-11-27 08:47:20+11:00Application exited with code: 7 signal: null
2016-11-27 08:47:20+11:00Application process closed with code: 7 signal: null
2016-11-27 08:47:31+11:00The container has crashed. A new container will be started to replace it.