Galaxy down now?

Galaxy status is reporting as up but here in Eastern Canada and our clients can’t connect to various galaxy apps?

What is the status?

i am experiencing the same

Our apps just came back. ------- oooops

Sorry one was back momentarily and is now gone again.

things seem to be returning to normal but it is flakey, it would be nice to know what the issue is/was

yeah, apps are online, but galaxy seems to be down… getting errors deploying Error deploying application: Connection error (ESOCKETTIMEDOUT) and the galaxy website seems borked

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Same thing here, and the most alarming part is that the Cloud Status page is saying that everything is operational!

Couldn’t even connect to login on these forums, either. Felt locked out and unable to post anything.

yeah, i had to move to a browser with cached logins just to post here. seems to be back online. is reporting issues now.

We recently experienced a DDoS attack in the US region. Our team scaled up to handle the traffic, and the attack has now slowed down. Services are back to normal. We are monitoring them closely, investigating the root cause, and discussing how to prevent this from happening in the future.

We appreciate your understanding.


Thanks for the update this is much appreciated.

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