Galaxy, env variables and METEOR_SETTINGS

Does anyone have an example of setting both the env object and METEOR_SETTINGS in a settings file for Galaxy? My env variables are working but not my METEOR_SETTINGS. When I check the values of Meteor.settings in the console, all I have is an object with an empty “public” object inside of it. Here’s what I have, with my keys disguised, of course:

{ “”:

{ "env": 

	{ "ROOT_URL": "", 

	  "MONGO_URL": "myMongoURL",

	  "AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID": "myAccessKeyID"




	  "public": { 

	  	"GENERAL_PASSWORD": "passwordForAnonymousAccess",

	  	"mapboxToken": "myMapboxToken"



There’s a great explanation and sample code here from @themeteorchef

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@chadkruser, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I searched and searched for this info yesterday. Galaxy should incorporate this info into their guide on deployment, at least the info on the settings file. And the oplog tailing for that matter. Thanks again!!

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