Galaxy feature request: Slack webhooks

It’d be great to have webhooks for when:

  • Deployment started
  • Deployment finished

It’s possible to run something on Meteor.startup but this will probably run for every container.


You could make scripts that would do ?
Atleast for the start of the deployment.

@henribeck for sure. The trouble is galaxy can take quite some time to migrate all containers if you’re running more than one.

Havent tried out galaxy.
But i would like the feature aswell.

Maybe even a webhook when the website goes down for any reason.

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adding galaxy peeps @marktrang @zoltan

+1 on this - would be a great feature for teams

+1 any kind of API access to galaxy build/services/account logs also, and we could handle these hooks ourselves.

Any feedback on whether or not this is in the backlog or in the works @sashko ?

Cool idea! I’m not sure where we track galaxy feature ideas but I’ll make sure this gets on the list. We definitely are not working on it at the moment.


+1 I would love something like this too. I have a deploy script that pings Slack when the script finishes but it’s not particularly useful to know that it’s finished uploading. Knowing that it’s (successfully) deployed is far more valuable.

Please get something like uservoice. There are cheaper alternatives if it’s too pricey. Thanks :slight_smile:
This way of building for users rocks:

I actually looked and this was something we already identified as a top feature request internally. I think for our team it doesn’t currently make sense to maintain a large public list of feature requests for Galaxy.

Any news here guys? Would love to have this webhook!

We don’t track Galaxy feature requests here on the forums - since it’s not an open source project we have a more traditional approach where we talk to customers and track support requests to understand what should be done next. I can confirm that Slack webhooks are being tracked as a feature request! Cc @rohit2b

+1 for this. Lack of features like this and also a public API is why I recommend to some of my customers to use Heroku since it’s offering a lot more flexibility for us to automate management. Though I do use Galaxy for some projects and I would love to see this.

You can create a small function that executes when your server/instance starts up. You have access to the Galaxy container id from within the environment variables in the meteor app. Using this, you can compose the link that Galaxy uses to connect directly to an instance.

The format of the link is:

APPNAME is the name/subdomain in the config
CONTAINERID is the Galaxy container id env variable.

The environment variables you have access server side are:


So you can make a link such as:

if (Meteor.isProduction) {
  const version = process.env.GALAXY_APP_VERSION_ID
  const id = process.env.GALAXY_CONTAINER_ID
  const link = `${id}&_g_debug_=true`'sendAWebHookOnStartup', link, version);

This will give you potentially a nice message in slack with a clickable link directly to the new instance, with the version number in Galaxy. You don’t have to use a meteor method, just an example.


Orion Hosting has a GraphQl api and Slack Integration. So far so good.


This would be really awesome. +1!

+1. Would be great to send slack notifications when server is encountering issues…

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+1 looking forward to getting slack notifications about deployment status of containers