Galaxy generated SSL

Just started with Meteor galaxy and getting my head around some concepts. So I deleted my app and uploaded it many times in the last few days, each time I was able to get an SSL.

Now and after trying for many times, it says “There was a problem generating your certificate. Please try again later.” in the us-east-1.

Does the App have to be started in order to Generate SSL or it does not matter if it is Stopped?
Any suggestion as to how to fix this?

Are you using letsencrypt for your certificates? If you are and you have been generating a new certificate each time then you have probably run into the certificate rate limit of 20 per week or (if the cert is a re-issue), the duplicate certificate rate limit of 5 per week.


I just tried it several times. After several attempts, I attempted to generate an SSL cert using the AWS Cert Manager since we run AWS for everything except Galaxy… and it worked.