Galaxy hosted app develops problems over time

I deploy my app to Galaxy and everything works great. However, the next morning it will have problems. For instance I click to add a contact and I get an endless spinner. If I refresh the page I can click to add a contact and it presents the form just fine.

Other issues that develop are with login and logout. On login you are normally redirected to the main page of the app. However, after logging in the redirect does not happen. Same on logout. On logout you are supposed to be redirected to the login page. You get logged out but not redirected.

None of these issues present when the app is first deployed but they reappear the next day. Every time I deploy I think I have fixed it only to be disappointed 12 hours later. I don’t see anything in the logs to account for the behavior (not that I understand anyway). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Are you using kadira? You may get more useful information with that.

Bottom Line: I was connecting to according to Meteor 1.4 instructions while still on Meteor 1.3. Upgraded to 1.4 and everything runs wonderfully.