Galaxy IPs changed

I just got a message from a client that an app that I host on Galaxy is down. And according to one of their employees has been down for a couple of days already. So I logged into Meteor Cloud and sure enough, there’s a notice at the top of the page that Meteor Cloud’s IP Whitelist has been changed. My Atlas project had the old IPs in its whitelist and of course queries from the new IPs got rejected.

So anyone who uses Galaxy with IP whitelisting might want to double check that they have updated their Atlas whitelist with the new IPs.

The bad thing is, I looked through my emails and did not notice any email regarding this. Maybe it was sent and buried between some other topics. But a breaking change like this definitely needs its own separate email with a subject like “ACTION NEEDED: Changes to Galaxy Whitelist IPs” or something similar. There is always the possibility that an email like this was actually sent and I simply did not notice it and then failed to notice it again when now searching through my inbox. But if it was not sent, then the Galaxy team should really make some changes here. This is the type of change that absolutely needs to be communicated to clients, in big bold letters, maybe even twice!

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Strange I got a 4 emails about this. Including one today as well. Check that the email you are using is actually linked to your account.


Hmm, glad to see those emails! In that case it was probably just me. Billing emails reach my fine, but perhaps these types of emails go to some of my other addresses. Will look into that. Thanks.

FWIW I also got a couple emails a month ago and another one this morning. Make sure to always set a rule to bypass spam filters for any hosting services emails!


We sent about 4 emails, the first was 1 month ago. We also added to our changelog, the What’s New section on the Dashboard and the warning banner on Galaxy.

@vooteles, what other suggestions do you have to keep the communication smooth as possible about changes on Galaxy?
Thank you

Henrique, since you sent 4 emails with reasonable early warning, along with a warning banner on Galaxy, it is safe to say that the Meteor team did all that can be reasonably expected in that situation. My text above was written based on the assumption that the emails were not sent, but clearly, that assumption has been proven wrong. Mea culpa! Not really sure why those emails did not pop up in my inbox, but that’s outside of the Meteor team’s control and entirely of my own doing. Probably some spam filter getting overly aggressive.