Galaxy: Moved to cloudflare; getting intermittent 500 errors

We’ve just migrated our website that’s hosted on Meteor Galaxy to Cloudflare, and users are getting intermittent 500 errors. Has anyone dealt with this before with Galaxy?

(Our website is if you have a second to visit it and tell us if you get the 500 error 1 in 3 refreshes. Galaxy support seems to be slow at replying lately too)

Got 500 on first visit. On subsequent refreshes the page loads. When opening in a new tab, the same happens - first 500 and then loads. is completely inaccessible.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for that @vooteles! and thanks for checking employers. that’s something i’ll have to fix as well haha;

Works fine here. Did 5 or 6 refresh. Incognito tab as well. always loaded. also the employers pages loaded well.

Thanks for checking @ivo! After lots of digging, we found a few issues that were fixable and have updated it. Most of these issues were in the Cloudflare settings. In case anyone else in the future is planning to use Galaxy with Cloudflare here are the things we’ve learned:

  1. Don’t use the Argo routing optimisation (it’s a paid upgrade) - for some reason, it seems to freak out routing to the galaxy servers and seems to have been the cause of the 500 errors

  2. Using Cloudflare seems to have sped up the load times for our users in different regions (we host our galaxy from one region, but other regions have sped up… although galaxy speeds between regions is still pretty slow)

  3. An interesting side effect that we want to confirm with a bit more analysis - but CPU and memory usage seem to have dropped for our galaxy containers since turning Cloudflare on.

  4. You can use Cloudflare page rules to do the non ‘www’. route to the ‘www.’ route

Thanks for the help @vooteles vo and @ivo