Galaxy payment information transparency

I’m using Galaxy Developer Edition and I’m unable to find pages regarding credit cards, invoices, cost prediction, etc.

It would be beneficial to have such pages to recommend the product to my clients. It makes me a little bit nervous when a website doesn’t provide any information about what’s happening with my credit card. Example: I don’t know if remove my app affects the billing cycle. If I recommend it, my clients will probably have the same concerns and I’m not able to give a good answer.


Hi Mario,

The user interface for managing your billing payment method and your monthly billing statements is coming shortly to Galaxy.

In the meantime, we’ll send you email invoices with your monthly usage and billing information.
If you need to update your billing payment method (credit card), please submit a support ticket and we’ll help you with that.

If you stop or remove your application, from that point onwards you will not incur usage charges for that application.


Thanks, I also had the same question the same day I got Galaxy access and set up my billing information. This information needs to be front and center, and easily removable by the customers.