Galaxy Performance Issues?

Anyone else experiencing performance issues with Galaxy?

Received a notification from our uptime monitor that our app posted a 525 status code (SSL handshake error).

Attempting to log into Galaxy Cloud dashboard and the load times are extremely slow, along with our Galaxy hosted app.

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We are having the same issues, all our applications are affected.
@fredmaiaarantes or someone from meteor team can give an update?

This is all I am getting when trying to login to Galaxy Dashboard.

Getting the same screen. I think they are working on the issue. Had some of our application working for a minute.

My sites are messed up too

Hey guys, we are aware of the problem and we are working to solve this issue asap.
We’ll keep you guys updated from the status page:


Yep, same here. My initial investigation is showing REALLY slow websocket connections. The side does eventually load after almost 1.5 minutes

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All of my production apps across different accounts are struggling to get to the login page.

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Same. One app is loading in Safari, but otherwise nothing. Thanks @hschmaiske for jumping in with an update! Will keep an eye on the status page, but any communications you can provide are super, super helpful. Good luck, we’re cheering for you!

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We are having issues related to AWS services. We are still investigating it, but we have been able to recover most of our services.
We will keep you guys updated on the status page

Thank you for your understanding


Same. Production sites have been flakey this morning. Glad they’re working on it. Glad the forum jumped in to discuss it as well.

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and that’s why I own my own servers.

outstanding performance galaxy