Galaxy + Cacheing loading screen instead of waiting for content

I have an app deployed on galaxy and the was working fine. I recently added a route that uses a language prefix to automatically display everything in the proper language.

Adding ?_escaped_fragment_= correctly displays the english version but for the spanish version it just displays my loading screen.

How does know when to cache the page? Is it a page load time issue or something else that I’m doing with the language switching that’s causing this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Prerender tries to determine when the page is done loading by counting the number of requests in flight and saving the page a short time after that number reaches zero. If you are just seeing the loading screen, it could be a load time issue or it could be a javascript error that is preventing the page from loading. Feel free to send us your URL and we’ll be happy to test it to see what’s going on!

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Thanks, emailing now!