Galaxy Professional with Meteor APM is out!

After open sourcing Kadira last week, today the Galaxy team launched Galaxy Professional, which is an upgraded version of Galaxy with APM built in!


Sweet! Looking forward to see what else is going to be on Galaxy Professional.

Hi guys! Nice work!

I totally get and respect why you want integrate Kadira into Galaxy, but some of us can’t use Galaxy just yet. (We’re using phantomjs for pdf rendering at the moment - We plan to extract that part out, but you know, startups and time to refactor…)

Would it be possible to manually set the endpoint to Galaxy, to log the info?
(You’d force me to have a Galaxy account, and pay for the APM part, but would me more than happy to :slight_smile: )

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That’s awesome news!

Kudos to MDG team for turning the ship around from Kadira shutting down to a smooth and built-in Galaxy APM, Open Source Meteor APM project and the potential for a standalone community powered Meteor APM!

I think that’s a smart business move and a win/win situation for everyone, looking forward to try things out.


Great news!
Are you guys planning to update the interface to be more like Apollo Optics (which is very slick) and will you integrate the APM in the Galaxy dashboard or keep it separate?

Wow! So quick! Will be migrating an app to Professional soon.

Can we turn it on per need basis, just as scaling up containers? We’re refactoring, I’d need it right now but would need to get permission from my boss to turn it on if we can’t just turn it off anytime.

Yes - You can switch to Professional containers for your app, and then switch back to Essentials containers when you want. It’s just like scaling containers!


@batist - Thanks!

You’ll need to run your app on Galaxy to be able to use Meteor APM. The configuration and billing is shared between the Galaxy runtime and APM.

We do provide phantomjs as part of the container image for Meteor apps on Galaxy - Default base image | Galaxy Docs.

Yes - we’re going to integrate additional APM functionality deeper into Meteor core and Galaxy. We’ll definitely be looking for ways to integrate the interface with the Galaxy dashboard.

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Just tried it, can’t deploy with, it always says there’s a connection error. Works again when removing your package.

@AndreasGalster I tried reproducing your problem with a basic Meteor app and wasn’t able to reproduce the problem – the app deployed to Galaxy with the APM features enabled. Would it be possible for you to provide some more information about exactly where you’re encountering this connection error? For example, is it happening immediately after your meteor deploy ... or after a particular step in the process? (Or alternatively, are you seeing this in your Galaxy server logs?).

I’m was getting

Talking to Galaxy servers at
Error deploying application: Connection error (getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND)

I’m trying it again right now, currently at the Uploading stage. I actually think it’s working now, difference from before would be that currently I’m deploying without the Pro Container being active before deployment.

Maybe it was a connection error, however it failed twice and I was the only one at the office and my connection (streaming youtube wasn’t cut off) should have been pretty “good” (7MBit-ish upload here I think)

Yep, it works now! Btw, when turning off the Pro, do we need to re-deploy without the apm package or can we leave it on there? Would be pretty inconvenient if we’d have to always remove it :slight_smile:

@abernix Unfortunately can’t reproduce anymore at which step it happened. I can investigate in 2 weeks (sorry, have a deadline and going on a 2 weeks vacation in a few hours).

when turning off the Pro, do we need to re-deploy without the apm package or can we leave it on there?

You don’t have to remove the Meteor APM agent package when turning off Pro, as the agent will not attempt to connect or send traffic to APM unless the app is set to use Galaxy Professional. The agent is still “instrumenting” your app however, which means that it will still wrap a lot of Meteor internal APIs and you might see it mentioned in stack traces.

Is there a roadmap for Galaxy or somewhere to vote on next features?

I would definitely would like to see:

  • Auto-scaling (either rule based or completely automated);
  • Alerts

Alerts would be amazing. That was one of the main reasons I was a paid customer at Kadira. That and data-retention. Looks like Galaxy APM gives thirty days included. Thats cool.

I tried using APM, but when I click on the link and sign in, it just says it’s loading and never goes any further.

Been trying to switch back to Galaxy in order to use Meteor APM, but the agent seems to be crashing my app.

I’m uncertain where to begin with this error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'stack' of undefined
    at [object Object].subscriptionProto.error (packages/mdg_meteor-apm-agent.js:2835:28)
    at [object Object]._.extend._runHandler (packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:1052:12)
    at [object Object].subscriptionProto._runHandler (packages/mdg_meteor-apm-agent.js:2781:24)
    at [object Object]._.extend._startSubscription (packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:859:9)
    at packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:413:12
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at Function._.each._.forEach (packages/underscore.js:139:11)
    at [object Object]._.extend.startUniversalSubs (packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:412:7)
    at packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:301:10

App just crashes at start when I add the agent.

Any ideas?

I am on Meteor 1.5.1 fwiw.