Galaxy release and features update


With the switch-over to the new forum and no recent news (that I can find) about Galaxy I thought it might be appropriate to ask for an update.

Some questions that come to mind:

  • Expected timeline to beta or official launch?
  • Backup support / what does it look like?
  • subdomain support/handling?
  • staging/production targeting?
  • cost/billing?
  • any answers to any of the questions asked on trello


Totally agree about lack of information on Galaxy.
I don’t understand why MDG doesn’t want to open beta/alpha release of Galaxy to start getting wider community feedback. I hope they won’t just release v1 suddenly without ever speaking to anyone but a small selected group of people. Even Google and Amazon are being careful with their container engines and starting with early preview, as far as I know Galaxy is gonna be something similar but only for meteor


Somehow, they need to avoid wormhole, how do we handle this scenario?


I’d also like to get some news on Galaxy. Tried to ping the MDG people on twitter but couldn’t get any response. Can’t wait : )


You may need to wait a bit patiently.


I’m just trying to find a balance between staying in a holding pattern for Galaxy and working on solving the pain points in the deployment solution I’m currently using. The more I look around it looks like there has been a conscious decision to explicitly not answer this question though. I completely understand the thinking behind this of course… if we don’t say anything then no one can get mad if/when we are wrong. I guess the fact that its not time (from MDG’s perspective) to start releasing any details yet means they haven’t rounded the final corner and are probably at least 3-6 months out.


Agreed about lack of information. Not a good way to treat your future customers. Or in other words, take our money pretty please, MDG?