Galaxy Security for Enterprise customers

Does Galaxy offer encryption-at-rest and network intrusion prevention or detection?

We’ve been developing Meteor apps for large enterprises with significant security policies (regardless of whether the app we’re developing warrants it). The two big security requirements have been encryption-at-rest (primarily for the database, but sometimes for the app server as well) and network intrusion detection systems.

I really, really want us to switch to using Galaxy / Atlas for hosting (vs internal hosting with me managing everything :slight_frown: ), but if Galaxy doesn’t offer intrusion prevention it’s almost certainly a no-go.

A security policy document would be extremely handy.

I also need answers to a bunch of questions that aren’t answered in detail on the site, such as:
What is the uptime guarantee?
What is the response time guarantee in the event of an outage?
What does basic online support include, and what do the additional support options look like?
Do I need to run 2 containers of the app in order to receive high availability fault tolerance?


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Hi Nathan - can you please send me a DM? We’d like to learn more about your specific requirements and how to support you via Galaxy.

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3 x 1GB containers and you’re in high-availability mode.

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I’m also quite keen to find out about the instrusion detection. Thanks for posting