Galaxy: suddenly getting constant EPIPE errors

I’ve never seen this issue before, not sure how to proceed.

Our last deployment was on Friday to Galaxy. We had activated Galaxy Pro for the performance monitors at the time. Everything went fine.

Starting yesterday, we started receiving an EPIPE error:

Error: write EPIPE
    at exports._errnoException (util.js:907:11)
    at WriteWrap.afterWrite (net.js:790:14)

We got this error for the first time ever on the 26th at 10:03.

Then today, we received this error (which crashes the server) at:


I am not sure how to proceed with debugging this issue.

The only major thing we have changed lately is the activation of Galaxy Pro. So we have downgraded back to basic, and removed the performance monitor packages. But the error is still happening, so it does not seem related to that.

Any advice on how to proceed with repairing this issue? This many crashes are not acceptable.

@Spyridon We are also facing the same errors. Did you find the problem?
Thank you.

Usually is a connection problem. Try changing your internet connection if you can.