Galaxy support button bug

When you click Get Support the button throws this error

Also, I have a developer in my account that can’t access the APM. Can I get assistance with this? Thanks

[Error] TypeError: is not a function. (In '"SupportRequest","AppSettings")', '' is undefined) rethrowCaughtError (14217176e9781e379faf2deb6500a8f8d2303081.js:13:37349) processEventQueue (14217176e9781e379faf2deb6500a8f8d2303081.js:13:33228) i (14217176e9781e379faf2deb6500a8f8d2303081.js:28:32039) handleTopLevel (14217176e9781e379faf2deb6500a8f8d2303081.js:28:32091) d (14217176e9781e379faf2deb6500a8f8d2303081.js:28:67041) perform (14217176e9781e379faf2deb6500a8f8d2303081.js:13:55332) dispatchEvent (14217176e9781e379faf2deb6500a8f8d2303081.js:28:67830) dispatchEvent

Hi @flean
Thanks for reporting the issue. Our team will take a look into it.

In the meantime, you can use our email to contact support