Galaxy support model


Please point me to a relevant thread if one exists for these questions, I looked but the ones I found dated back to 2016.

We are shortly looking to launch our application and Galaxy appears to be the natural hosting selection.

I would like to know more about the limits of the operational support.

Is support 24/7 365?
What is supported, is it up to the edge of our application?
Is it possible to contract application support as well?
In the event of an issue, what is the response/resolution SLA?
Are there penalties attached to an SLA breach?

I have more questions, but these are a good place to start!



Enhanced Galaxy Support Options

Galaxy customers have the option to upgrade to higher levels of paid Galaxy support for guaranteed response times as short as 15-minutes with 24x7x365 coverage, including critical cases related to application downtime or degraded performance.

Please contact Galaxy Sales for more details.

I did contact Galaxy Sales but they have not replied to meā€¦hence my post here!