Galaxy Support?

Where can you get support if you sign up for Galaxy ?

We just signed up for it, and are getting very long load times on the initial load (console shows repeated “websocket was interrupted while the page was loading”) Is there any support to help troubleshoot this? We were not getting the issue when deploying to DigitalOcean.

There’s a Support option in the hamburger menu at the top left of the Galaxy site once you’re logged in.

The URL is “[YourGalaxyOrganisationName]?overlay=SupportRequest also works!

@danahmadi, can I make a small suggestion with regards to the Galaxy Support page? I found the following confusing the first time I had to open a support ticket, and maybe others have as well. Taking a look at the initial support screen:

The first time this loaded for me, I wasn’t sure if what I typed in and submitted was going to be sent in directly and opened as a ticket (which it is), or if what I added was going to be used to search against existing support content (similar to how other hosting sites handle this - related items are presented that might help, then you’re given the option to continue with creating a support ticket). My initial request had very little context with mostly keywords, thinking I was going to see support suggestions first. It would be great if you could modify the content of this screen a little, to be a bit more clear about what’s happening after the request is sent in. Something like the following might be more helpful:

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That’s great feedback! Thanks for taking the time to share it. I’ll work with the product team on this and aim to make the interface more helpful.

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Just wanted to say thank you for the thoughtful feedback and great suggestion!

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Wow, I somehow missed that hamburger menu… Thanks for the help!

Hey, the support form still looks like this.

And after using it, no one’s gotten back to me. It seems other people are having this problem.

2 business days isn’t professional hosting - especially for bugs in your platform. I’ve been hosting on DigitalOcean with mup for much less, and can fix problems easily.

I recommended Galaxy to a client to try it out, but I can’t recommend Galaxy to future clients if you’re not taking support seriously.

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@michaelcole it appears we responded to your case in ~4 hours today with a clear resolution related to your database code, not an issue Galaxy. What bugs are you referring to? We’d love to help if you can be more specific.

I’d also like to point out that we’ve recently changed the support request form to the version suggested above (thanks for the tip, @hwillson!) to help collect all the information our team needs to resolve issues.

If support time is critical-- we do offer enhanced support plans that can offer up to a rapid 4-hour response time.

Hi @marktrang, thanks for checking in.

I edited my comment here to say my issue wasn’t resolved, but yes lets take it offline and thank you for helping.

Hey @michaelcole - let’s continue the conversation in the support ticket.

We’ll collaborate in the support ticket to figure out why your settings file is not updating.