What is the support on Galaxy? My ticket is open > 24h

Not sure if my move from Modulus.io to Galaxy was the right one. Yes, the deploy script at Modulus has issues but at least they provided support.

I’m asking a simple question (which port to use to communicate via DDP.connect) and I don’t get an answer in 24h?

C’mon, that’s even subpar standard for the non existing service in the US!

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I’m not familiar with the specifics of Galaxy, but don’t you usually use the same host and port for connecting with DDP as you’d use for reaching the app in general, i.e. loading it in the browser?
DDP uses a WebSocket connection which is initiated via a regular HTTP request and then upgraded to the WebSocket protocol.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my question (which is more than the Galaxy support has done so far).

Here’s the question in more detail: What is the port number that Galaxy apps can be reached on (and other newbie questions)?

I’m asking as I have two apps deployed on Galaxy and they need to talk to each other. I’m experiencing timeout problems which is usually the case when the port isn’t correct.

No worries.

I’ll reply here instead of on the other thread. If you have deployed 2 apps they should live on two different URLs (domain and/or path), that you have either specified yourself or that have been automatically assigned by Galaxy. (Please note I’m not familiar with deploying on Galaxy at all, just speaking from general purpose knowledge here.)
It would seem odd to me if Galaxy assigned you two different ports. Giving you two different domains / subdomains / application paths would seem more reasonable. Just check through the UI to see what Galaxy says where those apps are deployed (i.e. URLs) and I’d be surprised if you didn’t find the info you’re looking for.

Also, I hope by “ticket” you’re not referring to the other thread you posted. I’m pretty certain that this forum is not the place to go when you need critical / production support for your paid Galaxy deployment. There should be info somewhere in the Galaxy UI on how to get your question or issue in front of actual Galaxy support staff, usually via email or a dedicated support site or somesuch.

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Last addition after reading another one of your posts asking for help:

Port 3000 is the standard port for development with Meteor. The standard port to use for production is 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS/SSL/TLS. Nothing special about Galaxy and Meteor in that regard, as compared to how the rest of the web works.

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Thanks. Modulus.io answered the same request in less than 24h and specifically told me to use port 8080 (which is their specific port address). It’s hidden in their docs but Galaxy doesn’t write anything about which ports to use in their very sparse docs.

Comparing the two hosting services Galaxy has a long way to go in terms of support, documentation and analytics. Not even talking about Compose.io which is head-and-shoulders above both of them in all of these categories.

Your help is appreciated and yes, I have an official support ticket (and access to it is a bit hidden, they first push you to the general help pages).

Ticket is now being open since Friday 1:00 am (EST). No one at Meteor Galaxy seems to be responding to it.

Is there any other way than via a support ticket to reach them? This is an easy question that can be answered in 1 minute probably.

I’m also starting to wonder what kind of support they are offering in general. This is so far completely non-existing and worthless.

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I have opened two different tickets with them, they only answered one. S it seems they are selective to what they support.

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Thanks for the feedback. As bad as it is (for a company to provide such non existing support for paid customer) but it feels a little bit better to know it’s not only me that gets this “treatment”.

Still shameful for such a VC-money loaded company.

Hi a4xrbj1 - thanks for using Galaxy! I appreciate you sharing your feedback, and I am sorry for the troubles that you faced in getting answers to your questions to architect and run your apps.

For the basic support plan in Galaxy, which is the default support included as part of the Galaxy pay as you go plan, there is no guaranteed response SLA for support. We strive to answer within 2 US business days for support questions.

There are Galaxy support plans available that give higher SLA response guarantees for non-critical tickets, as well as allow you to submit critical tickets with 1 hour SLAs.

We just launched a new Galaxy Docs site, and are iterating on that to articles to help our customers answer such questions. I’ll take your question and make sure we improve this public documentation to provide the answer.


This is great news - now that the new Galaxy Docs site is live it’s great to hear MDG will be growing the docs based on customer questions/answers/feedback/etc.

Quick question @rohit2b - the Galaxy Docs have “Edit this page on GitHub” links on all pages, so it looks like MDG is welcoming content PR’s. Most of the edit links are currently broken however (and aren’t pointing to the galaxy-docs repo). Is the plan to fix these links and welcome community contributed Galaxy Doc PR’s, or will these links be removed?

Ufff…I think this only works in the US? Even our cheapest hosting discounter offers ticket responses within 24 hours. It’s okay to charge for support plans if the customer needs instant responses within 15 minutes, but if Galaxy can’t guarantee a response within 2 business days…sorry guys, there goes something wrong!

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Just for the record, it took 81 hours to get a response on my simple question.

So it takes a company that is funded with $31.2M 81h to answer a simple question by one of their paying customer. The same company that declares that they don’t have a SLA and strive to answer within 2 business days.

I wonder where all those millions went. Surely not into Customer Service and also not into Marketing. Just another example that excellent developer don’t make excellent Entrepreneurs especially in the Marketing, Communications and Customer Service category. Maybe they should a couple hundred thousand on getting experienced people in these areas on board.

Then again not every company that is funded by Andreessen Horowitz and Y-Combinator is paying multiple times :wink:

Long way to go Meteor, very long to compete against Compose.io or even Modulus.io

I believe I’ve always had a response within 48 hours. It’s also a long weekend in the US (today is Memorial day). Perhaps that contributes to a longer response time. Maybe timezone differences contribute too. Is all the support based in the US?


Quick question @rohit2b - the Galaxy Docs have “Edit this page on GitHub” links on all pages, so it looks like MDG is welcoming content PR’s. Most of the edit links are currently broken however (and aren’t pointing to the galaxy-docs repo). Is the plan to fix these links and welcome community contributed Galaxy Doc PR’s, or will these links be removed?

Absolutely! We welcome community contributed Galaxy Doc PRs. Please let me know which “Edit on Github” links are broken, and we’ll fix them. Repo is here: https://github.com/meteor/galaxy-docs

I need to write up a guideline to contributing to these docs, including how to build and test locally. Will add that to this repo.

You do realize Compose provides you with database… right? Galaxy provides you with compute. MDG and Compose aren’t even in the same business - in fact, they’re meant to work together.

While I do agree that MDG’s customer service team could be more responsive, I think you could let them know in a more constructive, and less destructive passive-aggressive/sarcastic way.

If you don’t like them, don’t use their services. If you want to let them know that you don’t like them, be constructive. I think it’s pretty simple.


Great @rohit2b - I’ll open an issue in GH (for reference it’s all of the bottom “Edit this page on GitHub” links that are broken - they’re pointing the the Guide’s repo. The top “Edit on GitHub” links are working properly).

Hi Tim,

I’ve posted the question at 1:00 am EST on Friday, that means there’s 23h left before the weekend officially starts. Memorial Day was on the following Monday.

It seems that support is indeed only in the US, as I pointed out in another response this is making it difficult especially for Asia (where I work). It means we can only post a question, go to bed (as at our working time no one in the US works), then when we get up we might be getting a response (or a couple of days later) and if we don’t fully understand the answer or have a follow-up question the whole process repeats.

Again, all that doesn’t sound like a worldwide operating company. Every Tom, Dick and Joe startup has teams in all timezones who are looking at emails coming in. Look at bufferapp.com as one of the best examples or even lookback.io (which is still in beta) but emails are response within the hour by both times (it’s their target!) as they have distributed teams build in from the beginning onwards.

It seems with only 30 million to spend they have to make sacrifices somewhere, why not in support?

I pay so I have a right to criticize when the product delivered (and service is part of the product) isn’t satisfactory. It’s different when someone offers a free service. Besides I had a direct conversation through the trouble ticket. I wasn’t too happy about what I was being told and I think others should make an informed decision if support is important for them and companies in similar situation like my company are always keen to hear about real user experience.

Oh and both Galaxy and Compose are in the PaaS business.