Galaxy Uptime SLA?

I find myself currently unable to deploy to Galaxy (although my already deployed apps are still up), and have been having intermittent issues with the service over the past 24 hours. Although shows issues yesterday, none appear today…And since I can’t access the interface, I can’t open a ticket.

This leads me to a larger question: Does Galaxy offer an uptime SLA? All i’ve seen are service response time SLAs.

Although I see the value that Galaxy has concerning deployments from an ease of use perspective, you can get an equal amount of processing power on a $5 a month DO droplet, which also comes with a 99.99% uptime SLA.

I’m more than willing to pay MDG for making my life easier, but uptime is a non-negotiable priority for many clients and i’m worried that Galaxy won’t be able to deliver on this.

I would really prefer to have an uptime SLA to point my clients to, otherwise I don’t think that I can realistically suggest Galaxy as a well thought out solution to hosting production apps.

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I’m having the same problem here.

I can’t pull up the dashboard or do a deploy…

Same thing. Deployment through semaphoreCI is timing out during uploading to Galaxy

Yeah, same on CircleCI, looks like autodeploys are broken too. I think the Galaxy app/service is just down. The actual hosted sites seem to still be running for me.

I’m also experiencing this issue. Can not bring up the portal site or deploy from command line. My deployed apps do seem to be working.

Same problem here this morning. Also yesterday my production instance was down for 20 minutes. I was especially concerned by the rather nonchalant response when I asked for an explanation.

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Just for reference, a 99.99% SLA is about 5 minutes of downtime a month, or 55 mins a year. This is offered by Digital Ocean, AWS, Azure, RackSpace and many others. Obviously Galaxy fits a different use case and our apps are still running, but not being able to deploy critical fixes right now I consider to be almost as bad.

Not to mention that still says “All Systems Operational” despite this problem existing for now 90+ minutes.

It’s been like this for well over an hour. So frustrating as I’m now just trying to test Galaxy to see if it will work well for our new app. :frowning:

Kind of bad that you can’t submit a ticket without being in the app with the problem.

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Folks - this is Rohit from the Galaxy team. We are currently investigating why the Galaxy management interface is not loading for users. We will update on

Galaxy uptime is critically important to us, and we treat these issues with the utmost importance.



My dashboard just came up.

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For future reference, if you can’t get into the admin app to log an issue, you can always fall back on

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Gotcha, I’m new to needing Meteor support :wink: was led astray by this:

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Yes, is the fallback option when the Galaxy management interface is suffering an outage.

The Galaxy management interface is now accessible. We are monitoring the situation to ensure everything is fully recovered.

We are closely monitoring if any such issues re-ocurr.

Details will be posted on

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Everything seems to be back to normal for me.

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Likewise, functionality appears to have been restored for the moment.

@rohit2b I do greatly appreciate you looking into this and responding to this thread.

Galaxy uptime is critically important to us, and we treat these issues with the utmost importance.

I really do applaud and appreciate much of what MDG does, and I have no doubt that you mean this, but I don’t think that this statement will appear reassuring to many users and potential galaxy customers.

Companies that are truly serious about uptime provide a SLA as an demonstration of their commitment to this goal. Is this something that we can expect from Galaxy in the future?

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I guess the issue is that the status page didn’t reflect the issue and I felt left to post in here, but discourse was down the other day too. I will have to remember to email next time.

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For the record, i’ve moved all of my apps out of Galaxy and back to Digital Ocean. I really want to support MDGs own effort, but the lack of an SLA (including no future promise of one!) as well as the frequent issues show that Galaxy isn’t yet ready for production.