Galaxy vs AWS vs Google Cloud vs others

Hi guys. If it is possible please share here some details what are you using for meteor deployments. What kind of app are you using? What resources does it need? What cloud solution do you use? Do you use paas or iaas (google app engine vs compute engine or Amazon beanstalk vs EC2). How many instances do you have? Why? How much resources does it spend in the cloud? (ram, cpu, bandwith etc) And especially if possible please provide how much do you spend on your setup, as I need to present this to my CEO the pricing is the first thing they will look into.

I think in 90% of situations, using galaxy will be the cheapest. Make sure you are showing them total costs and not just the subscription cost for AWS vs Galaxy. Galaxy is basically zero setup and zero maintenance (again depends on your situation). Everything else involves pm2, pinging to keep server alive, figuring out how to scale, dealing with other surprises, setting up ssl, on and on. If you have a devops expert who can do it in his sleep, okay then. Or if you have people working for $5-10/hr-- then maybe do it yourself. But if you’re paying people $40/hr or more, then you’re going to find galaxy is way cheaper unless you can keep setup and maintenance under 4 hours of work a year (or $160 a year with our $40/hr example).

I haven’t used the additional services, but if you really need to scale and need help, it seems like shelling out $900/month to MDG for hosting/consulting is going to be 90% cheaper than a full-time devops person.


This is definitely true. Hell, even 1-2 hours of work usually adds up to more than you will be spending on hosting most applications. And if your applications need more expensive hosting than that on Galaxy/mLab, you will make up for the lower amount of devops and easier scaling capabilities, etc.

Currently I’m using Orion Hosting for two of my projects (Pampa Store and It has worked very well, it’s a way cheaper than Galaxy, It’s more stable and offers a lot more customization than Galaxy, for example, you can create your own build script and or Docker image.

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