Galaxy - webrtc project and pricing?

Hello everyone,
I’m creating an application which requires each user to connect to each other over webRTC. I’d love to host this on Galaxy, since I’m the sole developer and I’m not particularly good at devops. Galaxy limits the developer pricing to 512 ram per server ( app instance ). Therefore, when an individual app instance runs at capacity it will forward other users to the next app instance.

However, for webRTC connections, I need my users to connect to the same server, otherwise their peer connections won’t resolve correctly. If I have too many users that can run on a single instance, will I be able to broker their peer webRTC connections somehow using the multiple app instance model of Galaxy? Also, can Galaxy instances be scaled up, meaning set their CPU and RAM higher?


Also, I require ssl since my application requires each user’s microphone. Current versions of Chrome don’t allow use of the microphone without an ssl connection. So, I guess another question is how does the “story” look like of setting up an ssl domain with galaxy?

If you haven’t seen this thread. It has a step by step guide on how to set-up LetsEncrypt ssl on galaxy.

This seems like a question that you might want to ask Galaxy’s pre-sales team… so I tried to find contact details for them… but failed. Best I could find on the site was, which is for enterprise level subscriptions, but at least is a way of making contact the Sales team.