Galaxy Whitelisted IPs getting bad reputation with MailChimp

I have a ticket out with Galaxy, but wanted to see if others have had a similar issue:

Galaxy provide a set of fixed IPs from which outgoing calls from our server originate (useful where DB providers require whitelisted IPs etc). Trouble is these IPs are the same for all customers of Galaxy.

So someone out their has been calling their MailChimp API far too aggressively and as a result MailChimp has marked our IP as “suspicious” and blocked it! Now I (and I presume anyone else) cannot communicated with the MailChimp API!

Essentially the Galaxy outbound IPs are gaining a bad reputation with MailChimp. In a general sense, I suppose this could happen with other service providers. I am dependent on other applications not abusing the IP by flooding vendor APIs with calls.

Any ideas what to do?