Games built with Meteor?

@SkyRooms - have you seen this?

And for others, there’s always



I made Q Dice a while back.


My work for will often make games for experiential marketing or advertising kioks, all with Meteor + Blaze

The speed of development in these cases and having always-on real-time access to data helps a lot for this use case

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This one!


Looks interesting but l could not understand the rules.

I made Yaltae, a 3 players chess game in 3D :

Come and play :wink:


:blush: amazing…
Unfortunately no player…
You should inform the community lichess or the founder…

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Here’s a set of puzzles I designed:

It doesn’t use Meteor much – it’s mainly local HTML5/SVG – but Meteor was the easiest way I knew to add highscore tables (with live update!). Also made it pretty easy to deploy to an Android app on Google Play Store.

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Sorry I am hosted locally, internet has been down. It’s up now though.

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I made — not your typical game, but a game nonetheless.

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