GanttChart from MongodB (non Meteor, but Flask app)

This HighChart example is hardcoded

My backend Flask Mongodb is retrieved by

import pandas as pd
from pymongo import MongoClient
client = MongoClient()
db = client.get_database(‘testing_flask’)
collection = db.database_details
df = pd.DataFrame(list(collection.find()))


_id  date_real date_str                      name

0 59a2ea17aa4bb088e4385d35 2017-06-08 TO + 1w ProjectX Model Preview
1 59a2ea17aa4bb088e4385d36 2017-07-26 ES - 1w ProjectX GUI Evaluation
2 59a2ea17aa4bb088e4385d37 2017-08-09 ES + 1w ProjectX GUI Customer
3 59a2ea17aa4bb088e4385d38 2017-06-08 TO + 1w ProjectX Chipmodel Preview
4 59a2ea17aa4bb088e4385d39 2017-05-04 TO - 4w ProjectX Chipmodel FPGA
5 59a2ea17aa4bb088e4385d3a 2017-06-29 TO + 4w ProjectX Chipmodel Initial
6 59a2ea17aa4bb088e4385d3b 2017-06-08 TO + 1w ProjectY GUI Preview
7 59a2ea17aa4bb088e4385d3c 2017-07-26 ES - 1w ProjectY GUI Evaluation
8 59a2ea17aa4bb088e4385d3d 2017-08-09 ES + 1w ProjectY GUI Customer

How to iterate the example from above to
get name and date_real

instead of hardcoding?

This does not belong on a meteor forum, you said it yourself in the title.