General Availability: NodeChef Cloud Search and Analytics

Cloud Search and Analytics provides all the features required to integrate modern search and analytics functionality into your Meteor app. Cloud Search is also wire compatible with MongoDB and can be accessed from clients that implement the MongoDB wire protocol such as the official MongoDB drivers, mongo shell etc. More on this announcement can be found here.

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@knana I see that you guys have both Parse and Meteor hosting… does that mean I can host Parse and Meteor applications for as little as $9 ?

@fcaldas You can host each Meteor or Parse Server app for as little as $9/month. You can easily scale up your app container or add more containers if needed with a single click. A production level MongoDB is also included so you do not have to worry about where to host your database. A full list of features and pricing can be seen from the pricing page. Hope this answers your question.

Ah, got it now. So it’s 9 dollars, minimum, per app I publish. So, for example, if I have the dev, staging and production version of my app, that would be 27 bucks per month right?

That is correct. if you have dev, staging and production version of an app, it would be only $27 per month.

Thanks knana, that’s useful information!

I totally missed this announcement and was updating my app today and saw the analytics in the nodechef dashboard.

Have to give you guys a big thumbs up.

Been using the platform for a while now and haven’t had any issues at all, been rock solid.
You guys respond to tickets very quickly and act on them.
I made a suggestion that it would be good to be able to view deployed environment variables - and seemingly within a few days there was a new section in the portal where you can read and update the env variables. So awesome! :slight_smile:

The only issue I am having these days is how slow my internet is in Australia uploading to the US when I deploy updates ;-). Hopefully one day there is enough business to warrant a local presence, but I am not holding my breath for that.

Keep up the good work!

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