Generate Scaffolds using the cli

Hello there! Today I’m here showing and asking the community for opinions on adding scaffold generation on the meteor cli.
In the PR I have shown some of its functionality with examples.
I’m really enthusiastic about CLIs and Developer experience.
If you guys have anything in MeteorJS that you want to be improved in the DX sense, I would be happy to take a look and try to improve it!
Thx again, you all, for being this awesome community


There are several dedicated scaffolding tools that already allow you to do what you propose and are configurable like e.g. scaffolder-vscode - Visual Studio Marketplace. As we have already seen in the comments of your PR there will be ceaseless discussions about every detail from folder structure to naming of methods and missing setup for e.b. schemas (and we haven’t even started with Vanilla JS vs TS vs CS). I think you will most likely end up with a solution that most users will find lacking and hardly anyone will use in the end.


As much as I like the idea, I have to agree with @janmp. But I think having some official solution or adopting another cli/software for it with some official templates would be nice.

From the perspective of someone that is not a full-time developer, does not keep up with new “best practices” and does not have enough knowledge to have an opinion om how the code should be structured I think this is a great addition to Meteor.

A low barrier to entry solution that is not necessarily aimed at the power users but rather works as a tool to give a solid foundation and increased confidence for those that uses Meteor for side projects and those new to web development.

I imagine those that are sufficient enough to know about third-party solutions rather use that anyway so to offer a simple built-in solution could enhance the UX a lot for the user group described in this post.


That’s exactly our goal with these new commands on the CLI @zayco :pray:

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