Generating Multiple Instances of a Page

I have a very basic single page app that consists of one page. All that page contains is a few textboxes for users to enter numbers, which then outputs some simple calculations on the page.

I’d like to generate unique instances of this page on-the-fly, and then be able to share that URL and give it somebody and allow them to see the live changes made in the textboxes and the calculations. This unique URL and its data would expire

I’m just not sure where to start when it comes to generating unique instances of a page, any suggestions?

You have to create a collection and save some id in it. This id is also the unique part of your URL. Use FlowRouter to get the param (id) back from url and subscribe to the collection filtered by that param. Doing this, your one and only form is filled with data from collection and indexed by that id.

Very good and simple usecase for a meteor app.

Update: Packages to use: FlowRouter, BlazeLayout. Tip: Try to use template level subscription.

Maybe this gives you some hints:

Thanks Tom, that really has helped point me in the right direction.