Generators broken due to standard-minifiers?

Hey - I have a project:, which use JS generators (function* ()), and whose tests pass when run via meteor test-packages ./

However, tests fail in Spacejam, and I can’t deploy because the standard-minifiers package complains about the * used to define the generator function.

Unexpected token operator «*», expected punc «(»
at new JS_Parse_Error

Is this a bug in standard-minifiers ? Again - runs fine locally, passes tests, but won’t deploy. Feels like a build system problem to me.

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This is because the minifier parses all of code, and must be using a parser that doesn’t support generators. Perhaps we should switch parsers, or upgrade!

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@deanius having this problem with your package deanius:promise

Same problem here, is there any workaround?

meteor update deanius:promise

I released 3.1.3 to allow this to work, relaxing some checks to workaround Meteor’s minifier. Hopefully @sashko can get the minifier patch routed somewhere internally