Geocomplete not working meteor-Ionic app for android

I am building an app for android using meteor ionic, cordova, and the jeremy:geocomplete package to auto search for google places building on Meteor ver 1.3.1

My problem: the google places list is not selectable on mobile, or when running in meteor run android-device. but it works under web view.

I have tested the geocomplete example it works in ver 1.3.1 both web and mobile tests are perfect, until you wrap it in a ionic view: Then the search result list is not selectable.

I understand that this challenge is package specific, but maybe someone knows a way around.

@noveltysa quick sidebar:
How were you able to upload to Ionic View? Did you start your project with Meteor CLI or Ionic CLI?

its a meteor project started with cli, and used meteoric:ironic .

My final work around was to create my own custom autocomplete(on template) using > Template…events:

‘keyup .location_input’ : …