Geolocation in meteor 1.4


I can’t make geolocation works with meteor 1.4 version.
With 1.2 version, I used mgd mobile package for both camera and geolocation.

Now, I ran the meteor add mdg:geolocation command, but when I don’t succeed in using the Geolocation object as I used to do before.

Here is my component and the error message I got from meteor console :

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import template from './map.component.html';

  selector: 'map',

export class MapComponent {
  constructor() {

    let position = 0;
    let position = Geolocation.latLng() || {  lat: 0, lng: 0 };
client/imports/map/map.component.ts (13, 32): Property 'latLng' does not exist on type '{ new (): Geolocation; prototype: Geolocation; }'.

Perhaps am I a little bit confused with angular2 and Typescript : is there anything else to do to make it works ? Is there any other lib to use now for geolocation in meteor 1.4 and angular2 ?

Thanks for your help.