GeoSms for meteor mobile apps?


Is there something like Geosms for meteor mobile apps or do I need to write it from scratch



How do you think you are going to implement this ?
Because I think you don’t have access to SMS sending function with cordova.
Maybe I am wrong.



Well, I am actually trying to do something similar!

One way is to do it in-app, using the power of mongo geoqueries, and then, using Meteor, we can listen (observe) to some sliced query and notify the appropriate user’s client through Cordova. But I have not played with Cordova yet, so I am not sure if that idea can play out so easily. I’m very new to the mobile/phone side of Meteor - I am guessing that we can somehow do phone notifications (that would be so awesome). That’s my first thing to try, and it seems like a decent approach.

If that isn’t how I imagined, we can think about Twilio. Use mongo’s geo capabilities to determine which users can contact each other, and outsource the messaging.

Please let us know if you found a solution, I am in the same boat :wink:


same here… really new with cordova. I think that the solution would be for example you press the button and then you pull geolocation and put it in sms and then send it… or you press the button it pulls geolocation and it copies it into sms and after that you simply press send from native sms


Hi @streemo

This is a good idea. I have already played a little bit with mongo, geoqueries and leaflet.
I think that twilio is a good solution for sending SMS.
I was just thinking about sending geo information when you are not connected to 2G, 3G or 4G.
SMS is a solution but unfortunately you cannot use cordova to send SMS without Human interaction.
But if you have all the time the internet connection then twilio is the good choice.