Get instant feedback about build errors in your browser!

Add this package to your app, and when you get an error in your server-side terminal (a server runtime error or a compilation error) it will immediately be displayed in your browser! You can even get a desktop notification or alert sound.

Try it now:

This came out of the conversation about missing features in Meteor. What other features can we add with a simple package?


Thanks @sashko! You really made my weekend with this one!

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I love how you templated your HTML like it’s '99 :smiley: woo!!

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Nice work! For some reason I get an error, though:

W20160314-09:36:58.453(1)? (STDERR) ReferenceError: localStorage is not defined
W20160314-09:36:58.453(1)? (STDERR)     at loadConfig (dev-error-overlay.js:159:16)

It’s loading the file on the server for some reason. I’m using Meteor 1.2.2-faster-rebuilds.0 if that helps.


Same problem here with fast rebuilds

I’ve fixed the error, thanks for the reports!


Shouldn’t this package be included in new Meteor apps by default?


Not necessarily, as it does get in the way of testing how your ui handles a disconnected state. Perhaps it should be mentioned in the guide however!

Could you expend on that? After looking at the implementation, I doesn’t think it interferes with disconnected state.

All I know for sure from a week of using it is when I turn off my server, it tends to pop up (not always though, so I’m suspecting a bug, which is the other reason it’s not in by default, as it’s very very new and not refined).

We could improve that! File an issue please? Should be easy to detect the difference between a stopped server and an error.

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I intend to once I figure out a recreate scenario as it wasn’t every time. But I can tell you that all of us at the company I work for are using it now, so we should have at least a recreate scenario soon!


This should come with a warning, the alert noise scared the cr@p out of me!

It’s an awesome tool though, really helpful.

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The sound should be off by default, does that checkbox work for you?

Glad you like it!

The checkbox works fine, I just ticked it and then didn’t have an error for a while and didn’t realise how loud my speakers were turned up :loudspeaker: :fearful:


At the office Monday we had a good laugh listening to the sound the first time one of us had a build error :wink:


Would play sound whenever (compilation refresh/error).