Get linked collections on the client side (Grapher)

I use Grapher and the structure that is described here I’m trying to get reactive linked data on the client side.

I use VUE on the client, and I made many attempts trying to work with vue-meteor-tracker until I found out about Grapher.

Now everything looks and works more openly for me, but I still can’t get the linked data on the client side.


import Groups from './collection'
import Lists from '../lists/collection'

  'lists': {
    collection: Lists,
    inversedBy: 'group'


import Groups from '../groups/collection'
import Lists from './collection'

  'group': {
    collection: Groups,
    field: 'groupId'


import Groups from '../collection'

export default Groups.createQuery('getGroupsWithLists', {
  name: 1,
  lists: {
    name: 1


import { getGroupWithLists } from '/imports/db/queries'


Test in VUE

import { Tracker } from 'meteor/tracker'
import getGroupsWithListsQuery from '../db/groups/queries/getGroupsWithLists.js'

export default {
  mounted () {
    const query = getGroupsWithListsQuery.clone()
    const subscriptionHandle = query.subscribe()

    Tracker.autorun(() => {
      if (subscriptionHandle.ready()) {

Result (there are no lists, only groups)

0: {name: "test", _id: "osXpLpgDvqWfYkHag"}
1: {name: "test2", _id: "DXZGvheZJiXDdBYKK"}
2: {name: "test3", _id: "N2YrPRz7dWcWuCr4b"}

But if I declare a method

  'groups.andLists'() {
    return getGroupsWithLists.clone().fetch()

And I call it on the client side

export default {
  mounted () {'groups.andLists', (err, result) => {

Result (groups and lists!)

0: {_id: "osXpLpgDvqWfYkHag", name: "test", lists: Array(1)}
1: {_id: "DXZGvheZJiXDdBYKK", name: "test2", lists: Array(2)}
2: {_id: "N2YrPRz7dWcWuCr4b", name: "test3", lists: Array(1)}

Should I publish / allow lists?
Please help me. What am I doing wrong?

I want to copy this question for I don’t get an answer here for a long time. My question is confusing and not specific? Let me know if this is the case.

Thank you for any help.