Get loged out after the second page reload

When I go to a page I get our login page, and after logging in the page is displayed.
If I then do a browser reload on that page, it works fine.
But if I then do a second page reload I get logged out.

I’m using Accounts-base@1.5.0

I have 90 days of expiration:

loginExpirationInDays: 90,

I have registered a login handler, but it seems not to be called !?

Accounts.registerLoginHandler(function(loginRequest) {
console.log(“registerLoginHandler”, loginRequest) // no logging to console

OK, that login handler is not in use, so my app is using the default login handeling.
Any thoughts why it is logging out after 2nd reload? And after server restart?

Any suggestion where to look?

This is the packages I have installed

I think this behavior started after I upgraded meteor a lot before summer. Like from 1.3 -> 1.8.3 but I have no idea of when.