Get started with Meteor and React


Get started with Meteor and React

A lot of people have been asking questions on the forums and elsewhere about setting up an app with React. I figured I’d record a little video on how to do it! It’s pretty basic, but it should be useful for someone looking to get started.


Thank you so much - this was ideal for me now Im looking into React.

And I really liked you presentation - warts and all. Put up a Patreon and take my money.


@pal Thanks for the feedback! I debated on whether to do a contrived video and opted not to… I think there is a place for those, but sometimes I just like to watch how other developers do things when they are working on a problem - warts and all :wink: Let me know if there is anything in particular that you think would make for a great video tutorial!


Great job! Appreciate this.


Why aren’t you getting the values with the form event?


@benjick Good question! I was shooting from the hip in that video and just decided to grab the values with jQuery. But, like you indicated, you can grab the values like this (which I should have done):

onSubmit(e) {

  var email =;
  var password =;

  // Rest of code


Apparently the forum doesn’t like formatting ES2015 code haha.


Cool, just checking so I’m not missing anything special with React. Cheers!


"Let me know if there is anything in particular that you think would make for a great video tutorial!"
Where do I start :blush: First - Im not a web developer by any means, but Im feeling the love with Meteor, in a way I never did as a hobbyist with flask, rails, express even. Now I’m going all in with Meteor on a couple of related, but very niche web apps.

My needs are leading me away from Blaze/IR (which is great, however) and my instincts towards React/Flow Router(/SSR) (Kadira fanboy). The dust is far from settled on Reacteor I know…and Im driving completely blind with React, starting today after your video :smile: So I’ve no specific ideas for videos. But Im serious about the patreon/similar -> always happy to reward those who know different/better and I find I often learn a lot from presentations outside my specific need. By that I mean, I’m sure I’d find value in anything you thought worthy of publishing



@pal I appreciate your support! I’ll have to look a little more closely at the Patreon system. I know Josh Owens uses it for his meteor club slack chat room. Maybe I’ll set up an account after I’ve posted some more videos and have a proven track record of providing valuable content :slight_smile: