Get started with Meteor and React

Get started with Meteor and React

A lot of people have been asking questions on the forums and elsewhere about setting up an app with React. I figured I’d record a little video on how to do it! It’s pretty basic, but it should be useful for someone looking to get started.


Thank you so much - this was ideal for me now Im looking into React.

And I really liked you presentation - warts and all. Put up a Patreon and take my money.

@pal Thanks for the feedback! I debated on whether to do a contrived video and opted not to… I think there is a place for those, but sometimes I just like to watch how other developers do things when they are working on a problem - warts and all :wink: Let me know if there is anything in particular that you think would make for a great video tutorial!

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Great job! Appreciate this.

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Why aren’t you getting the values with the form event?

@benjick Good question! I was shooting from the hip in that video and just decided to grab the values with jQuery. But, like you indicated, you can grab the values like this (which I should have done):

onSubmit(e) {

  var email =;
  var password =;

  // Rest of code


Apparently the forum doesn’t like formatting ES2015 code haha.

Cool, just checking so I’m not missing anything special with React. Cheers!

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"Let me know if there is anything in particular that you think would make for a great video tutorial!"
Where do I start :blush: First - Im not a web developer by any means, but Im feeling the love with Meteor, in a way I never did as a hobbyist with flask, rails, express even. Now I’m going all in with Meteor on a couple of related, but very niche web apps.

My needs are leading me away from Blaze/IR (which is great, however) and my instincts towards React/Flow Router(/SSR) (Kadira fanboy). The dust is far from settled on Reacteor I know…and Im driving completely blind with React, starting today after your video :smile: So I’ve no specific ideas for videos. But Im serious about the patreon/similar -> always happy to reward those who know different/better and I find I often learn a lot from presentations outside my specific need. By that I mean, I’m sure I’d find value in anything you thought worthy of publishing


@pal I appreciate your support! I’ll have to look a little more closely at the Patreon system. I know Josh Owens uses it for his meteor club slack chat room. Maybe I’ll set up an account after I’ve posted some more videos and have a proven track record of providing valuable content :slight_smile: