Getiing data from meteor collection with createContainer


I have been trying to get data from mongo with createContainer but i keep getting undefined when data is actually there and it doesnt throw any errors so i have been trying to find any alternative since new react doesnt support mixins, this is giving me a headache i really need help, I wouldn’t want to go back to Blaze


Hello, can you elaborate the problem a little bit more or can you share some code snippets to show how do you retrieve and handle the data ?


Hello It was hard for me to debug and getting to the real issue and to what was going, I suspected createContainer because i couldnt log from it to check if it was running, this time it is working but i havent really figured out the reason why it was not, at some point it could work on the home page and refuse on other routes without any error and the meteor toys could be showing. Thank you am new to meteor I dont know if anyone has experienced this.