getReactively to filter ng-repeats

I’m trying to create an ng-repeat using getReactively as a filter for, in this case, cities.

Here’s the controller:

'use strict'

  .controller('SpiderCtrl', function ($scope, $reactive, $stateParams, $mdDialog, $mdMedia) {


    this.ciudad = '';

    this.subscribe('spider', () => {
      return [Spider.find({city: this.getReactively('ciudad')})];

    this.changeCity = function (ciudad) {
      this.ciudad = ciudad;


and here’s the view:

<div ng-repeat="spider in sc.spider">

When I press the button to execute the changeCity function, the console.logs normally but I get no results in my view.

this is my button:
<button ng-click="sc.changeCity('canovanas')">Filter</button>

How am I able to filter the ng-repeat via this method?


nevermind, I found that my object city has capital first letter. please close/delete. sorry.