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I’m curious about what code review options exist for Meteor apps. I’m slowly coming to completion on a long time meteor project and was looking for a professional code review. I’m a relatively new developer and would certainly benefit from a quick look over of my code and some suggestions. I read at some point of a site that would do exactly this for a fee but I can’t remember the site. I know about sites like Airpair and Hack Hands and might try one of these sites.

Additionally if anyone has any experience with this it would be much appreciated.

I’ll say that we’ve been using TheMeteorChef (Ryan) throughout our new build with Meteor, and he’s been very helpful, offering advice, guidance and code examples as part of his “Chef’s Table” service.

I’m sure if you get in touch, he’d be able to help you out with a code review.

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Pretty sure east5th will do this - and @pcorey is very hot on security and exploits. I may have misremembered, but I think @joshowens will do this too.

Apologies to Pete and Josh if I’ve got this wrong.

Alternatively, if there’s a repo to look at and you’re not pressed for time, there are probably some forumites who will look over it.

Any recommendation who we could/should contact to help us out with a database schema (and perhaps form submission)?

Maybe Guzz can help?

Thanks Rob!

I do offer in-depth security assessments of Meteor applications, but a code-review is only a piece of that service and is highly focused on the security aspects of your app. I wonder if @chackerian1 may be looking for a more holistic review?

If that’s the case, @joshowens may be able to help him out. If I remember right, Josh has been doing Meteor code reviews for a while now.


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That is 100% true. I look at the code for everything, best practices, security, performance issues, etc. Happy to help, just email

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I’ve also been doing meteor code reviews for some time. I focus on security, performance, best practices, hosting, and organization, in addition to any specific concerns you may have.

Usually code reviews are pretty quick. 2-5 hours, dependent mostly on the amount of code.

Reach me at

You guys prompted me to finally update the copy on my code review page. You can see more at the Spacedojo Code Review page!