Getting an "Unexpected error"

Hy guys,
I am just a newbie when it comes to meteor.

I have just followed the instructions and created a meteor demo project using the cmd (with no errors). But when I view the page on the browser (localhost:3000) i get an “Unexpected error” on the browser.

I have wamp running as well as my own version of node.js . Is this because of some port clash or something. Please help me out.

Thanks in advance!

Do you see any errors in the console window where you started the Meteor app?

no none. Everything runs smoothly until I open it in the browser.

You mentioned you have WAMP and node already running; do you by chance also have a version of Mongo already running? Maybe shut down all other web related services just to rule them out. Also, do you have any firewall software in place?

Its working now. Thanks!!

No I didn’t have any other Mongo version installed, but I had Oracle 11g installed and running so I closed off those services including mysql server, and created a new project.

Everything seems to be working fine now.