Getting error: Two Migrations in Progress

Hi there, I started getting this issue and it results in the browser not reloading my app.

sorry I don’t have a ton of other info as I am not sure where this is falling over.

I did see this old unresolved issue Redirecting to Google Groups but not much info there.

any ideas pls?

This usually happens when the server reloads and some code/package intercepts the Meteor reload function, preventing the client from updating (which is a valid action) but then the server reloads again and tries to push another update which is newer than the one it previously wanted to send.

I saw this error when using the arsnebula:appupdate package but not when using the following:

Meteor._reload.onMigrate(function() {
  return [false];


mmm. Any hints on how I could track down this down? I have a ton of packages, not sure where to start
Could it be something in mdg:reload-on-resume?

That package targets cordova, so it’s probably something else