Getting facebook user token for user signed in with email and password


I checked but could not find a clear answer in docs or forums so asking here. Is it possible using Meteor accounts to get a facebook user token for a user already signed in with email and password even if logged in email is not same as facebook email ? I do not want a new user to get created and get signed after login with facebook from Meteor accounts-facebook. I simply want a user access token to query facebook graph api and store that token on the already created user.

I have tried using facebook JS sdk in my react component but have issues so thought to check if there is a possibility of using Meteor’s already built in feature.


Ok, I have been able to fulfill my purpose of getting the token with FB JS SDK though with some non-critical issues, so I no longer need Meteor accounts-facebook to get the user token. However, it will be good to get the answer of the original question if possible.