Getting invalid frame header error when Proxy is used


We are using React to run a Chrome application that communicate to our Meteor server (1.8.3) over WSS.
Our Meteor is hosted in Galaxy and for 95% of the users all works well.
For one customer who is using Forecpoint Proxy server on their network, some users do not manage to connect (Meteor.connect()) and they get the folowing error in a loop:

bundle.js?v= WebSocket connection to ‘wss://’ failed: Invalid frame header
bundle.js?v= Disconnected from DDP server.

If they add a tunnel to bypass the proxy, everything works and no issues.

Appriciate any help. Thanks.

Hello @roniharmel
Would it be possible to create a ticket for Galaxy support? so our team can take a deeper look into it?


Thanks. I opened a ticket. Thanks for all the help.