Getting issue with meteor default app, button click counts again to 0 when refresh browser

I am using latest meteor on my win8.1 machine, I installed meteor with meteor window installer
I created app with meteor create demoapp than cd demoapp after that start app with meteor
app started at http://localhost:3000/
I can access my app through browser but I am facing issue
when I click button, button count values increase but when I refresh browser it again ti 0

Thanks in advance for help

The counter variable is re initialized to 0 on your refresh.
Check code.

I didn’t make any change in code , just a default app code

Template.hello.onCreated(function helloOnCreated() {
  // counter starts at 0
  this.counter = new ReactiveVar(0);   <<< SET COUNTER TO ZERO

ok will you let me know file location where I have to look for this code

You are kidding me ?? Are you ?

Look into the demoapp folder you created with metero create command. Look for js file.

to create app meteor create demoapp
to access app directory cd demoapp
to start app meteor
is I am going wrong
I absolutely new to meteor/node, just started learning :slight_smile:

which js file I have to check

The default code in the demoapp defines a reactive variable that is stored in the RAM of your computer, and is then reset when you restart your application (in the case of a web application, refreshing the page restarts it).